About Marti Angel

She is the CEO and Founder of Angel Health & Education, Om Diva Yoga, Angel Health Child Star Academy, and Marti Angel Yoga & Healing Retreats Kona, Hawaii.

Marti Angel’s brand is health, healing and wellness. She continues to touch the lives of many folks young and old through her healings, yoga, coaching, meditation, children’s life transformation academies and her healing yoga retreats. She is known for her work as an intuitive healer assisting people to heal their body, mind and spirit from the inside out.

Marti Angel has been an educator for over 24 years, guiding, inspiring and empowering individuals through her classroom, seminar, private coaching and public speaking lectures. She knows the power of looking within to find the light of your inner source. She has many gifts & talents that empower her to guide her clients to new levels of health, healing, wellness, and success as she seems to work her magic touching and improving the lives of all who seek her guidance.

She employs many tools according your individual needs.

Her passion and her message are one of healing, health and wellness by empowering and inspiring people to make powerful lifestyle changes through healing their mind, body and spirit.


Nutraceutical Consultant*Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist*Metabolic Typing Advisor II*Chek lifestyle & Nutrition Coach*500 E-RYT*Yoga Therapist II*Childrens Yoga*Prenatal Yoga*Yoga for cancer survivors*Vinyasa Yoga Professor*AFAA Fitness instructor*Health Science Professor*Reiki Master*EFT Therapist*Watsu III*YES Energy Coach*Life Empowerment Coach*Transformational Meditation*Healing Retreat Leader*Public Speaker and Author.


CEO Marti Angel

Marti Angel