Are you ready to finally make a change this year? Do you want to experience the best health of your life so you can accomplish what you really want? Who Needs a Detox???

  • Are you relying on coffee to wake up in the morning or get through the day?
  • Do you experience symptoms of toxin overload (brain fog, bloating, headaches, migraines, menstrual irregularities, fatigue, sleep disturbances, difficulty losing weight, acne, and sugar cravings)?
  • Do you realize you need to make some changes in your diet but want a jumpstart and some help?
  • Do you want to lose fat and fit into your skinny jeans again?
  • Do you suffer from digestive issues?
  • Do you just want more energy??
  • Do you want clearer and supple skin?

    1. Unlike other cleanses; you will actually receive supplements to support the process of detoxing your body. These will be delivered to your door so you don’t have to worry about going to find everything at the health food store.
    2. You will be set up to make healthy food choices for the rest of the year.
    3. This detox is about making healthy lifestyle changes that you’ll be able to take with you long after the detox is over.
    4. You’re sending a powerful message to yourself that your body is worth taking care of!
    You can experience some incredible results like this:
    • weight loss
    • clearer skin
    • soaring energy
    • elimination of sugar and Carb cravings


    Change doesn’t have to be complicated. USANA scientists designed RESET™ to make losing weight feel easy, giving you a significant head-start. By following the RESET program, you can lose up to five pounds in five days. RESET has been clinically tested, and its low-glycemic foundation is scientifically based. Rethink dieting. Resolve, renew, reinvent with RESET.

    Eating a conventional healthy diet and living a healthy lifestyle does not necessarily lead to optimum health.  Eating the foods right for your type, eliminating the wrong foods, identifying the correct supplementation, removing blocking factors and identifying allergies and sensitivities will build vibrant health.